Tuesday, September 21, 2010

94 Days 'Til Christmas: Crimped Envelope Card

94 Days 'Til Christmas: Crimped Envelope Card

Cardmaker: Ellen Jarvis
AKA: CardMonkey

Blogsite: cardmonkey-business.blogspot.com

Recipe to make this card: Here is an unusual way to start your card ... take a standard envelope for your card and seal it shut. Holding the envelope horizontally (that is, looking at where you'd write your recipient's address if you were sending it), cut off 1.5" of the envelope's left side and save that piece. Run the envelope through your crimping tool from top to bottom ... that is, so the now open/cut side is on your left side. What you are trying to do is shorten up what will be the width of the envelope by crimping the paper, so it will fit into the cut off piece. Set aside the crimped envelope for decorating later.

Next, cover the uncrimped cut piece with a scrap of red cardstock, front and back. Using a rivet-inserting tool, insert a green eyelet/rivet into the top. Put the cut piece over the crimped bottom to line up a 3/4" punched green round piece of paper and a coordinating brad, where you'll be wrapping your baker's twine. Decorate the bottom as desired. For my Santa and HO-HO-HO, I used Cricut cartridge Very Merry Tags and snipped off the top.

Make a card insert of your choosing, and voila!


  1. I'm putting on my elf hat and will be sending you some cards soon.

  2. Excellent!! I look forward to posting someone else's cards and having entries into the Greatest Christmas Blog Candy giveaway! WE LOVE IDEAS!!

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