Sunday, September 19, 2010

96 Days 'Til Christmas: Hole Punch Wreath

96 Days 'Til Christmas: Hole Punch wreath

Cardmaker: Ellen Jarvis

AKA: CardMonkey


To make this card, pick a color pallet that interests you -- expanding beyond the traditional Santa red and holly green. For this wreath, I used cardstocks in two shades of solid red, light thyme green, white, beige, metallic silver and burnt sienna. I pre-punched holes in as many sizes I had handy, with the largest being 3/4". I created a base for the wreath by cutting a paper ring and then glued each of these dots down upon the paper ring, building it until I was satisfied with its appearance. I made several of these wreaths in what seemed to be no time at all. I then attached the finished wreath, decorated with a bow, onto a card, and voila!

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